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Ordination to the Sacred Priesthood is a consecration, totally giving self to God. We pray for our 20 beloved sons, as they take this major step in their lives this year. May the grace of God continue to flower and increase in their lives, living their lives in the name and in the person of Christ.


“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”, is one of the most important statements of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. It contains both a challenge and a promise which are fundamental to the Christian life. (art 4)


Lent for the year 2024 begins with Ash Wednesday, on Wednesday February 14th and ends on Thursday, 28th March with evening mass on Holy Thursday. TIME :6am VENUE : Cathedral Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity, Onitsha,

Diaconate Ordination 2023

1. Name: Samuel Nwankwo Chinemerem Town: Agulu Home Parish: St. Patrick’s Parish, Agulu Parish Of Residence: St. Jude’s Fegge 2. Name: Obi Augustine Town: Agulu Home Parish: St. John the Evangelist and Apostle Parish, Agulu Parish of Residence: Immaculate Conception…

Pastoral Letter 2023

Jesus called his suffering on the cross the hour of his glory because it will lead to not only his death but to his resurrection and glorious ascension to heaven, to the throne of his heavenly Father.