List of Published works on Blessed Cyprian Michael Tansi

 1. Entirely for God. The Life of Michael Iwene Tansi by Elizabeth Isichei, Professor of History, University of Jos. 1980. Published simultaneously by Kalamazoo, Michegan, USA and by Macmillan Education, London.

2. Father Tansi: CTS pamphlet: (B 561) 1983 by Father Gregory Wareing OCSO.

3. A series of ten articles published by Fr. Gregory in the Lagos bi-monthly: Catholic Life running from February-March 1984, November-December 1985.

4. Our Memories of the Reverend Father Michael Cyprian Tansi. There have been two editions: the second was enlarged. No date is given for either edition.

5. The texts of two Retreats given by Father Cyprian when a monk at Mount Saint Bernard have been published by Father Emeka Nwosu, the indefatigable promoter of Father Tansi’s Cause.

The first Retreat was given to his old parishioner at Dunukofia, recently made Bishop of the newly created Diocese of Port Harcourt, the fate Rt. Rev. Bishop Okoye. The second was the revised version of the Retreat given to four Nigerian nuns on holiday near the monastery. They were all students at Coloma College in the south of England. Both Retreats were published by The Postulation For The Cause of Father Tansi, Archdiocesan Secretariate, Onitsha, Nigeria. The first was called The Royal Way of the Cross (Veritas Press Col, Onitsha). The second: Irrational Love (Vicalex Nigeria, Ltd.) (No dates for either publication.)

Fr. Nwosu regularly publishes through Veritas Press a pamphlet or bulletin giving a list of favours received in answer to prayers to the Servant of God. Each edition is called: Father Cyprian Tansi: Life of Evangelical Witness. Notable amongst these pamphlets are two: January 20th 1986 Inauguration of the Archdiocesan Tribunal for the Cause of Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi, priest and Cistercian monk and the celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of his death at the Cathedral, Onitsha, 20th January 1986. The second is the: Translation of the Remains of the Servant of God, Father Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi: OCSO. Pontifical Concelebrated Requiem Mass and Re-interment at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Onitsha, Tuesday 23rd September 1986. (Extended use of Igbo is a pleasing feature of the previous Vigil Masses at Enugu, Dunukofia, Aguleri and Onitsha, as well as at the Solemn Mass of Re-interment at Onitsha. All are printed in this pamphlet.)

6. Beautiful translations into French of 1) Father Gregory’s CTS pamphlet as Le Père Tansi. 2) Veronica Umegakwe’s The Halo of Father Tansi (le Rayonmement du Père Tansi), 1989. Both were made by Mlle. Jean Alex – an ex-lay Missionary in Gabon, and Teacher of English in France. When Pope John Paul II was at the Cure d’Ars village recently Jean handed in to him a specially typed and bound copy of: Le Père Tansi through the hands of a Papal Gendarme.

7. 1) The Halo of Father Tansi, 1984. 2) The Remains of the Servant of God, Father Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi, 1987. 3) 1989. Father Tansi Solidarity Prayer Movement- spread by her zeal throughout Nigeria and the Cameroon and further afield. 4) A centenary play: Men of Faith: Catholic Church in Eastern Nigeria, 1885-1985. (Etukokwu Press, Nigeria, Ltd.) 5) Footprints in the Sand, The tomb is not his Goal. A play in five acts, dedicated to the Abbot and Monks of Mount Saint Bernard, 1992. Printed in Nigeria by Hoscon Prints, 1993. All five writings are by Mrs. Veronica Umegakwe, co-ordinator of the Father Tansi Solidarity Prayer Movement.

8. Obi Celestine A., Facing Mount Saint Bernard: Blessed Cyprian Tansi o.c.s.o., The life and times of Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi, (African – FEP Publishers Limited, Onitsha, 1998)