Condolence Messages at his Death

Fr. Tansi’s death is a material loss but a spiritual gain.  We have lost a friend and a Father but we have gained a saintly advocate who is very aware of our needs.

Father Tansi did not die of old age, but of sickness resulting from poor feeding and excessive hardship he willingly undertook for the love of God.  Masses have been going up for the repose of Father Cyprian’s soul not only in the Monastery but practically everywhere in Nigeria.

Father Tansi is reputed to be a saint.  If we want a proof for this, it is our duty to storm heaven with our prayers.  He was so humble and would not like much publicity, but we are the people who need such publicity for our own imitation and consolation.
–  Mons. Peter Meze

I was very surprised to hear of Father Tansi’s death.  The poor man went quickly.   But of course it was not surprising to be told he had a most holy death.  We always looked on him as a Saint.  I am sure he is already in Heaven.  The good Master did not allow him to return to West Africa but we can be certain your new foundation has in him a powerful patron before the Throne of God.  Perhaps it is the sacrifice to be paid for the success of the new venture.
– Fr. P. Walsh

The shock of Father Cyprian’s death is lightened by the consoling thought that he is most certainly in heaven. From the very beginning he grew rapidly in sanctity in the Monastery of St. Bernard.
–  Bishop J.B. Whelanb

The Father lived a very holy life on earth, and remembering that, I am consoled as God has called him to rest.  But he is still near us, and we all have an advocate in heaven. He will do much for Nigeria from above.
–  Br. Alban Okoye

From the report I have read, I have no doubt that Father Tansi will be honoured in heaven.  But what we will say that keeps us happy was that we were told how he died and how he received all the Sacraments before he died.  Up till now in Nigeria Masses are still being offered for his soul and we are with no doubt that he is now with God Almighty in heaven.
–  Lazarus Okafor

It was with a very heavy heart that we got the very sad news of the death of our Father Cyprian. A Father, it has pleased Almighty God, to send to us in this our age, an age in which every effort is being made by some leaders of the world to relegate God to the background.
–  Cyril Okosi

His death came as a great shock to all of us.  But he is in heaven praying for us.
–  Fr. M. McGrane, C.S.Sp.

He died as he lived, a man of God.  A great loss to Nigeria especially to the new foundation in the Cameroons. But we do not know the mind of the Lord. Fr. Cyprian willbe on the Throne of God,
–  Bishop Brosnahan, C.S.Sp.

It is with a very heavy heart that I take my pen up, this morning to reply to your letter and obituary card which informed me of Father Tansi’s death. This is really very pathetic just before a month to your departure for the Cameroons the good God has called him to Himself.  He knows best what is good for us. I am glad that we have a very powerful intercessor before the Throne of God.

Our parish Priest here, Father Holland knows both of you very well, for he saw you when you passed through Ireland on your way to Mount St. Bernard. When I told him of Tansi’s death, he said at once without hesitation. “That man was a saint”.
–  David Manah

I am just heart broken about my holy Nigerian Priest, he was so kind to me in a very spiritual way. I shall miss him so much; he was truly a very saintly Priest and I hope he will interced for me in Heaven.Will you ask him to bring me there soon…. (I)t was a big spiritual favour from God to get letters from him, he was in every sense one of God’s Saints, with a special love for the sick.
–  Miss Patricia Byrne

Now he is gone, but he is still near us and we all have an adocate in Heaven.  He will do much for Nigeria from above.
–  Mother Magdalen

It couldn’t be but a holy death. I knew him for many years even as a school teacher even before we went to the Seminary, as a person concerned foremost with orderness, other persons, other world.  He was self-effacing to a heroic degree. He was a Saintly man. I wouldn’t be surprised if in some future date he be raised to the honours of the Altar.
–  Mons. J. Nwanegbo