Archdiocesan Statutory Bodies

  1. Laity Council
  2. Catholic Men’s Oranisation (CMO)
  3. Catholic Women’s Organisation (CWO)
  4. Catholic Youth Organisation (CYON)
  5. Catholic Boys’ Organisation (CBO)
  6. Catholic Girls’ Organisation (CGO)
  7. Onitsha Young Catholic Students (ONYCAS)

Active Apostolic Societies

  1. St. Vincent de Paul Society
  2. St. Anthony’s Society
  3. St. Jude’s Society
  4. The Legion of Mary
  5. The Block Rosary Crusade
  6. The Pioneer Abstinence
  7. The Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary
  8. The Mary League Girls
  9. The Apostleship of Prayer League os the Sacred Heart
  10. The Queen of all hearts
  11. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria (CCRN)
  12. The Shanahan Society
  13. St. Theresa’s Society
  14. St. Anne’s Society
  15. The World Apostolate of Fatima (Blue Army)
  16. The Bible Society
  17. St. Joseph’s Society
  18. St. Elizabeth’s Soceiety
  19. The Church Choir
  20. The Mass Servers Association (Altar Knights)
  21. The Volunteer Religious Teachers’ Association
  22. The Holy Ghost Confraternity
  23. The Scout Movement
  24. The Girls’ Guide
  25. The Miraculous Medal
  26. The Oblates
  27. The Purgatorian (Holy Souls)
  28. The Christian Welfare Association
  29. The Nurses’ Guild
  30. The Knights of St. Mulumba (KSM)
  31. The Knights of St. John International (KSJ)
  32. The Lay Readers Association
  33. Man of Order and Discipline Movement of Nigeria (MOD)
  34. Focolare Movement
  35. Father Tansi Solidarity
  36. St. Stephen’s Society
  37. Society of Our Lady Queen of Apostles
  38. Catholic Workers Volunteer Force (CWVF)
  39. Archdiocesan Marian Radio/TV Council
  40. Madonna Mercy Family International
  41. Social Communications
  42. Catholic Media Workers Organisation
  43. Catholic Choirs Association
  44. Catholic Lifeguard Rehabilitation & Safety Organisation
  45. Pontifical Missionary Union (PMU)
  46. Holy Childhood Association (HCA)
  47. Divine Mercy Prayer Group
  48. Maria Consolata Group
  49. Servants of the poor
  50. Soldiers of Jesus and Mary Movement
  51. Catholic Church Warden Association
  52. Padre Pio Prayer Group
  53. Confraternity of the Miraculous Infant Jesus
  54. Our Mother of Perpetual Help
  55. Catholic Bible Instructors Union
  56. Oblates of the Cistercian Order

Masses @ The Basilica of Most Holy Trinity

Sunday Masses (Main Church): 5:15am, 7:00am, 8:30am, 10:30am & 6:15pm. Other Masses outside the Basilica Church (Old Church Bulding): 5:30am, 6:00am, 7:15am & 8:45am (Children). Basilica Square: 7:00am. Stella Maris GRA Outstation: 6.00am, 9.00am & 9:00am (Children). Saturday Evening: 5:30pm (Mass with Vespers 1 of Sunday) Weekday Masses (Main Church): 5:15am, 6:00am & 6:15pm. Stella Maris GRA Outstation (Monday-Saturday): 6:00am. Thursday: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, 6:00pm.