1. In line with the encyclical of Pope Francis, Laudato Si (on the care of our common home), it was suggested that we be conscious of our environment and do what we can to keep it healthy so that we stand a better chance of being healthy ourselves. Some practical approaches would be to begin with planting fruit trees in our schools, providing dustbins, and generally beautifying our schools. The same goes for our environment in general, that is, Church premises, homes, places of work, hospitals, etc. They should be well taken care of. Respect for birds and animals was also called for. Except for the purpose of consumption, they should not be killed for the fun of it. It was also suggested that a seminar be organized on the papal encyclical Laudato Si so as to sensitize the people on the proper relationship with the environment. Introducing ecology in our seminaries as a course would be a good idea.

The Church and Self-Reliance

  1. We must check properly our aim of having a self-reliant Church. While we thank the Archdiocese for her efforts in making the Church self-reliant, ranging from the establishment of Oluchukwu Oil and Gas, Oluchukwu Microfinance Bank, Youth Village, etc., we must make sure that our goal is primarily to aid evangelization and not mundane, otherwise, we are sowing the seed of destruction instead of saving souls. Let us most importantly emphasize human investment/development above material investment.


  1. Attention was drawn to the alleged high cost of medical treatment in the mission hospitals. Effort should be made to give quality health care at affordable costs even if such means having investments to subsidize payment for the patient. It was suggested that the hospital personnel be advised to be more caring in the handling of the patients. Attention needs be given to the possibility of providing subsidy for the poor.


  1. The faithful look up to the Archdiocese of Onitsha and the CBCN to take a common stand on security issues (herdsmen) to serve as a guide.


  1. The Synod rose with renewed commitment to new evangelization in Onitsha Archdiocese. This will be done with ardour, new method and new expression. All people of God in the Archdiocese are urged to know their faith, live their faith and share their faith that they may have life and have it in abundance (John 10,10). May Almighty God in this Extra-ordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy which, is intended to make each and every one of us blessed and rich in mercy in our Christian lives, bless and direct our good intentions, reinforce our little efforts, and grant us success in internalizing, living and sharing the Good News as demanded by new evangelization.




Rev. Fr. Anthony Chidozie                                                 Most Rev. Denis Isizoh

Secretary General Synod Committee                                     Chairman, Synod Committee



Most Rev. Valerian Okeke

Archbishop of Onitsha, Convener

Masses @ The Basilica of Most Holy Trinity

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