Parishes in Alphabetical Order

Parishes: OR-UM

144.    ORAUKWU.

            St. Joseph’s Parish, Oraukwu.

              Parish Priest: Fr. Emmanuel OKOYE {1999/2012/13}

              In Residence: Fr. Paul EKWEALOR {1991/2011/12}

145.     ORAUKWU

              Holy Family  Independent Station

              Administrator: Fr. Peter EGWUONWU {2003/2014/15}

146.    ORAUKWU.

            St. Mary’s Independent Station.

              Administrator: Fr. Sampson OGBUEBUNA

147.   ORAUKWU

           St. Albert the Great Independent Station, Oraukwu

             Administrator: Fr. Francis ARONU {2005/2014/15}

148.    OSSOMALA.

           Chukwu bu Eze Parish, Ossomala.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Michael CHIGBATA {2005/2014/15}


            St. Vincent’s Independent Station,

              Administrator: Fr. Peter EGBO {2010/2013/14}

150.    UKE.

            St. Dominic’s Parish, Uke.

              Parish Priest: Fr. Cyprain UBAKA {1981/2013/14}

151.     UKE

           St Thomas Nkwelle Uke

             Parish Priest: Fr. Oliver IDEMILI {2005/2014/15}


           St. Anthony’s Parish, Umudioka-Dunokofia.

             Parish Priest: Fr. Aloysius IKEKWE {1994/2009/10}

             Parish Vicar:  Fr. Joseph ANYALOGBU {2014/2014/16}


          Blessed Iwene Tansi Independent Station

             Administrator: Fr. Emmanuel OBIMMA {2011/2014/15}

             In Residence: Fr. Anthony Nonso OKOYE {2011/2015/16}

154.    UMUEJE

           St. Joseph’s   Parish, Umueje.

            Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Augustine OGBUNUKO {2011/2014/15}


155.     UMUERUM

           St. Mary’s Parish, Umuerum

            Parish Priest: Fr. Christian ADIKE {2010/2013/14} 

 156.    UMULERI.

            Our Lady of Victory’s Parish, Umuleri.

             Parish Priest: Fr. Paul IFEDI {1994/2014/15}

             In Residence:Fr. Luke OMALIKO{1993/2014/15}

               {Supervisor Special Duties for Aguleri Educational Zone}

157.    UMULERI

            St. Marks Parish, Umuleri

              Parish Priest: Fr. Fr. Innocent OKONGWU [1999/2013/14}

158.    UMUNNACHI.

            St. Gabriel’s Parish, Umunnachi.

             Parish Priest: Fr. Emmanuel OKEKE {2007/2014/15}

159.     UMUNNACHI

            St. Peter’s Parish, Umunnachi.

              Parish Priest: Fr. Joseph IGWEAGU {2010/2014/15}

160.    UMUNYA.

            St. Theresa’s Parish, Umunya.

             Parish Priest: Fr. Clement AGHADINUNO {1988/2015/16}

            In Residence: Fr. Bonachristus UMEOGU {2010/2010/11}

161.    UMUMBO

            SS Peter & Paul Parish Umumbo

             Parish Priest: Fr. Ignatius NWOSE {2013/2015/16}

162.    UMUOJI.

            Our Lady of Seven Sorrows’ Parish, Umuoji.

             Parish Priest: Fr. Cletus OKOYE {1990/2012/13}

             In Residence: Fr. Felix ONYEANWUNA {2007/2010/11}

163.    UMUOJI.

            St. Francis’ Parish, Umuoji.

              Parish Priest: Fr. Kieran UDEGBOKA {1974/2013/14}               

             In Residence: Fr. Joseph Mary AMUJI {2002/2014/15}               

164.    UMUOJI

            Holy Family Parish, Umuoji

             Parish Priest: Fr. John ANOSIKE {1984/2012/13}  
             Parish Vicar: Fr. Remigius EZINNE {2013/2014/15}

            In Residence: Fr. Abden ONWUEGBUSI {1998/2009/10}

165.     UMUOJI

            Regina Caeli Parish.

              Parish Priest: Fr. Cosmas MADUEKWE {2012/2015/16}

166.     UMUOJI

            Assumption Parish.

             Parish Priest: Fr. Collins OKOYE {2006/2009/10}

             In Residence: Fr. Andrew IZUKANNE {1985/2014/15}

167.     UMUOJI

            St. Theresa’s Parish.

             Administrator: Fr. Christopher IFEM {2005/2012/13}


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