Parishes in Alphabetical Order

Parishes: ONITSHA 2

129.    ONITSHA

            Holy Spirit Parish, P.O. Box 6572, Onitsha .

            Parish Priest: Fr. Marius OBIAGWU {1981/2010/11} 

            Parish Vicar: Fr. James OBIAJU {2014/2014/15}

            In Residence: Mgr. Nathaniel OBIAGBA {1965/

            In Residence: Fr. Edwin UDOYE {1999/2012/13}

            In Residence: Fr. Calistus MBANWUSI {2010/2013/14}  


             SS John & Paul’s Parish, {Iba Pope}, Awada-Onitsha.

             Phone: 046-218296, 215700

             Parish Priest: Fr. George Nze MUOBA {1996/2009}

             Parish Vicar: Fr. Nicholas ALOEFUNA {2003/2015/2016}

             Parish Vicar: Fr. Stephen ODINDE {2013/2013/14}

             In Residence: Fr.  Michael ESOTU {1973/2008}

             In Residence: Fr.  Michael AGUNA {1993/2011/12}

131.     ONITSHA

            St. Joseph’s Parish, Iba Pope, Awada,

            Parish Priest: Fr. Jude ONYEKA {1994/2009/10}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Ekene Anthony OKOYE {2014/2014/15}


132.     ONITSHA

            St. Michael’s Parish, Iba Pope, Awada

            Parish Priest: Fr. Thaddeus EYA {2006/2009/10}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Chrisogonus IBEMERE {2015/2015/16}

133.     ONITSHA

            St. Mary’s Parish, Iba Pope, Awada


            Parish Priest: Fr. Ignatius OKWUONU {2005/2009/10}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. John Paul ONYEOGUBALU {2014/2014/15} 

           In Residence: Fr. Fred UCHE {1980/2013/14}

134.     ONITSHA

            Holy Trinity Parish, Iba Pope, Awada

            Parish Priest: Fr. Stephen EZENWAGU {2006/2009/10}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Augustine MUOGHALU {2003/2015/16}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Peter EJIKE {2008/2015/16}

            In Residence: Fr. Nicholas OKOSA {1993/2011/12}

135.    ONITSHA.

            St. Hilary’s Independent Station, Iba Pope, Awada.

            Administrator: Fr. John Paul OBIGWE{2009/2012/14}

136.     ONITSHA

            Blessed Iwene Tansi Independent Station, Iba Pope, Awada

            Administrator: Fr. Paul NWOSU {2010/2013/14}

137.     ONITSHA.

            St. Charles Borromeo’s Parish, PO Box 2032, Onitsha

            Parish Priest: Fr. Paul NWAKOR {1995/2010/2011}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Anthony AGGIAH {2014/2014/15}

            In Residence: Fr. Emmanuel NWABUDE {1980/2005}

138.     ONITSHA

            St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Onitsha

            Parish Priest: Fr. Marcel CHUKWUNONYE {2001/2011/12}

139.     ONITSHA  

            St. Joseph’s Parish, Onitsha.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Justin OGUAMA {2003/2011/12}

            In Residence: Fr. Jude ORAKWE {1998/2015/16}

            In Residence: Fr. Joseph NWAKOBY {1989/2007}

            In Residence: Fr. Paschal ONWUGBENU {2004/2012/13}


            St. Charles Lwanga’s Parish, Onitsha.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Joseph EZEUGO {1992/2012/13}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Augustine CHIGBO {1999/2009}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Vincent EJIDIKE {2004/2015/16}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Vincent OGBATUE, {2013/2013/14}        


            St. Patrick’s Parish, Onitsha.

            Parish Priest: Fr. John Bosco IGBOKA {1988/2012/13}            

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Michael AGAZIE MSsCc {2014/15}


            St. Valerian’s Parish, Akpaka.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Anthony CHUKWU {2002/2012/13}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Augustine MUOBIKE {2010/2014/15}


            St. Ignatius of Antioch Catholic Community (Parish), Odonjisi

            Parish Priest: Fr. Henry ANYABUIKE, CSSp.

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Augustine EJIKE, CSSp.

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-- " To those who suffer, God does not provide arguments which explain everything; rather, his response is that of an accompanying presence, a history of goodness which touches every story of suffering and opens up a ray of light." (Pope Francis "Lumen Fidei,").

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