Parishes in Alphabetical Order

Parishes: NT-OG

78.       NTEJE.

            Sacred Heart Parish, Nteje.

            Parish Priest: Fr. John Bosco EZIKA {2005/2012/13}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Ferdinand OKIGBO (2014/2015/16)  {Manager/

            Principal Sacred Heart College}

            In Residence: Fr. Martin IWUDO {1994/2002}

79.       NTEJE.

            St. Anthony’s Parish, Nteje.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Jude IKENZE {2007/2010/11}

            In Residence: Fr. Cletus IDU {2013/2015/16}

80.       NZAM.

            St. Mary’s Parish, Nzam.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Anthony ENWEDO {2013/2015/16}

81.     OBA.

            St. John’s Parish, Oba.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Evaristus NWAGBARA {2004/2013/14}

82.       OBA.

            St. Joseph’s Parish, Awkuzu-Oba.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Patrick EGWUATU. {2005/2014/15}

83.       OBA

            St. Augustine’s Parish, Oba

            (Redemptorist Community: St. Gerard Majella House, Oba)

            Parish Priest: Fr. Obinna J. OZOR, CSsR

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Ekene D. CHUKWUDINDU, CSsR

84.       OBOSI.

            St. Theresa’s Parish, P.O. Box 230, Obosi.

            Parish Priest: Fr. John OKEKE {1989/2012/13}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Gregory OJUKWU, Scheonstatt {2015/16}

85.       OBOSI.

            St. Albert the Great’s Parish, Odume-Obosi.

            Phone: 046-251223, 251231, 251003.

            E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Alexius Paul AGBA, O.P.

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Alphonsus OZOEMENA, O.P.

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Joseph OSUNDE, OP

           In Residence: Br. Matthew OMOAREGHAN, OP

86.     OBOSI.

            St. Peter the Apostle’s Parish, Ugwuagba-Obosi. Phone: 046-271133

            Parish Priest: Fr. Godwin OKOLO. {1981/2009}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Michael IDOKO {2013/2015/16}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Michael NWOYE {1993/2015/16}

87.     OBOSI

       Holy Spirit Independent Station, Obosi

      Administrator: Fr. Augustine EZENWELU {2009/2015/16}

88.     OBOSI

            St. John’s Parish, Obosi.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Bartholomew OKONKWO {1982/2015/16}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Jude OKEKE {2000/2015/16}

89.     OBOSI

       St. Jerome's Independent Station, Obosi

          Administrator: Fr. Cyril Elochukwu MUOKWE {2004/2015/16}

90.       OBOSI:

            St. Stephen’s Parish, {Little Wood}, Obosi

            Parish Priest: Fr. John NWIZIOGO (2001/2012/13)



            St. Mary’s parish Ochuche-Umuodu

            Parish Priest: Fr. Charles OHAKA {2010/2014/15}

92.       ODE

            Christ the King Parish, Ode

            Administrator: Fr. Aloysius AGBA (2010/2013/14)

93.        IGBOKENYI

            St. Michael’s Independent Station, Igbokenyi

            Administrator: Fr. Aloysius AGBA {2011/2013/14}

94.       ODEKPE.

            St. Patrick’s Parish, Odekpe.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Patrick EZEIFEDI {1994/2013/14}

95.       OGBAKUBA

            St. John’s Parish, Ogbakuba

            Parish Priest: Fr.  Gabriel OGBAJI {1993/2014/15} 

96.       OGIDI.

            Holy Trinity Parish, Ogidi.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Lawrence EZEOLISA {1994/2015/16}

            Parish Vicar:  Fr. Basil GBUZUE {1978/2000}

97.       OGIDI.        

            St. Vincent’s Parish, Ogidi. 

            Parish Priest: Fr. Jude UCHEGBUSI {2004/2012/13}

            In Residence: Fr. Anthony OKAFOR {1967/2006}   

98.      OGIDI

      Holy Spirit Independent Station, Ogidi

         Administrator: Fr. Joseph EZEORUONYE {2007/2015/16}

99.      OGIDI

            St. Monica’s Parish:

            Parish Priest: Fr. Benedict UCHEGBU {2003/2012/13}

            In Residence: Fr. Fidelis ONWUDUFOR {1999/2009/10}

100.       OGIDI

            St. Patrick’s Parish, Ogidi

               Parish Priest: Fr. Cyprian NWENYI {1995/2011/12}  

101.       OGIDI.

            Our Lady of Assumption’s Parish, Ogidi.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Celestine MADUBUKO {2005/2013/14}

102.       OGIDI

            St. John De Baptist Parish, Ogidi

            Parish Priest: Fr. Vincent OBIDINNU {2005/2009}

103.       OGBUNIKE.

            St. Vincent’s Parish, Ogbunike. Phone: 046-611092.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Joseph IKEGBUNAM (2012/2015/16)

             In Residence: Fr. Hilary ANISIOBI {1968/2010/11}

104.       OGBUNIKE.

            St. Stephen’s Parish, Ogbamgba-Ogbunike.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Augustine OKONKWO {2007/2010/11}

105.       OGWUIKPELE.

            Kristi bu Chukwu Parish, Ogwuikpele.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Clement MUOFUNANYA {2013/2015/16}

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