Parishes in Alphabetical Order

Parishes: NK-NS

52.       NKPOR        

            All Saints’ Parish, Nkpor. Phone: 046-250577.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Peter OKAFOR {1983/2009}

            Parish Vicar:  Fr. Josephat MADUBUONU {2015/2015/16}

            In Residence: Fr. Samuel NWADIKE {2002/2009} {Chaplain I.H.M Novitiate & 

           Retreat House, Nkpor}.

53.       NKPOR

           Madonna Independent Station

         Administrator: Fr. Sebastian ATTAMA {2011/2014/15}

54.       NKPOR

            St. Edmund’s Parish, Nkpor.

            Parish Priest: Fr. David OJUKWU {1992/2010/11}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. George OKPARA {2011/2011/12}

            In Residence: Fr. Celestine Adizue OBI {1966/2011/12}

55.        NKPOR

       St. Michael's Independent Outstation, Nkpor

        Administrator: Fr. Wilfred AKPUNONU {1998/2015/16}

56.       NKPOR

            St. Augustine’s Parish, Nkpor.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE {1987/2004}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Gabriel M.P. OKOYE {2002/2011/12}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Henry UGOKWE {2015/2015/16}

            In Residence: Fr. Kenneth ORAEGBUNAM {2001/2008}

            In Residence: Fr. Peter OFORJI {2005/2009}


57.       NKPOR

            Holy Cross’ Parish, Nkpor. Phone: 046-260179, 260181

            Parish Priest: Fr. John ACHEBE {2004/2013/14}

            Parish Vicar:  Fr. Francis ABOH {2002/2013/14}

            Parish Vicar:  Fr. Joe-Barth ABBA {1994/2014/15}

            In Residence: Fr. Calistus AKORAH {2001/2013/14} 

58.       NKPOR

            Holy Family Parish, Nkpor.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Philip NWAFOR {1989/2013/14}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Christopher IGBOANUA{2001/2013/14}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. kingsley IKWUEME {2015/2015/16}

            In Residence: Fr. Cyprian OKPALAKUNNE {1994/2012/13}

59.       NKPOR

            St. Anthony’s Parish, Nkpor. Phone: 046-250145, 250147, 251025, 250144

            Parish Priest: Fr. Martin IKEAGU {2009/2012/13}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Fidelis NWANZE  {2014/2014/15}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Paschal EZEANI (2015/2015/16)

            In Residence:  Fr. Joseph AJAKOR. {1970/2008}

60.       NKPOR

            Our Lady’s Parish, Nkpor.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Benignus OGUEJIOFOR {1994/2009}     

61.       NKPOR

            St. Alphonsus’ Parish, Nkpor.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Celestine CHIGBO. {1994/2015/16}

62.      NKPOR.

           St. Joseph’s Parish Enekwasumpu

           Parish Priest: Fr. Victor EZEANYA {2001/2012/13}

           Parish Vicar: Fr.  James NWOFOR {1991/2013/2014}

           Parish Vicar: Fr. Peter OBIMMA {2015/2015/16}

           In Residence: Msgr. Basil ONWUASOMBA [1968/2007}

           In Residence: Fr. Conrad UKOZOR {Orlu Diocese, 2013/14}


           SS. Peter & Paul’s Parish, PO Box 1751, Onitsha. Phone: 046-211335

           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

           Parish Priest: Fr. Polycarp OJINGWA, MSP

           Parish Vicar:  Fr. Francis AGADAUJA, MSP

           In Residence: Fr. Joseph AMUZIE,MSP

              In Residence: Fr. Cyriacus OFFOR, MSP



          St. William’s Parish, Nkwelle-Ezunaka.

          Parish Administrator: Fr. Jude OKOLO (2006/2010/11)

          In Residence: Msgr. Matthew OBIUKWU. {1958/2010/11}


       St. Stephen, Chaplaincy, Nkwelle-Ezunaka

           Chaplain: Fr. Emmanuel NDUBUISI, BSS {2015/16}



            St. Peter’s Independent Station, Oze, Nkwelle- Ezunnaka

            Administrator: Fr. Martin ATUMANYA {2009/2012/13}


        St.Theophilus Independent Station, New Generation Estate

          Administraor: Fr. Martin ATUMANYA {2009/2014/15}



            Blessed John Paul II Independent Station, Oyolu Layout, Maryland Oze

            Administrator: Rev. Fr. Raphael ANAENYE {2009/2011/12}


        St Augustine's Independent Outstation Oyolu Layout

           Administrator: Fr Benjamin OKONKWO {2013/2015/16}


70.       NNOBI.

           Madonna Parish, P.O. Box 81, Nnobi.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Paul EJIKEME {1999/2012/13}

            In Residence:  Fr. Benjamin EZEKWUDO{2010/2013/14}


71.       NNOBI.

            St. Theresa’s Parish, Nnobi.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Augustine ORAKWUE {2005/2015/16}


72.       NNOBI

            St. Paul’s Parish Ebenato Nnobi

            Parish Priest: Fr. Bartholomew NNAKWE {2004/2013/14}


73.       NNOBI

            St. Mary’s Parish Nnobi.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Peter OBIDI {1987/2015/16}

            In Residence:  Fr. Peter OLISAH {2006/2013/14}


74.       NNOBI

            St. Kevin’s Parish

            Parish Priest: Fr. Anthony NZOMIWU {2012/2015/16} School Manager


75.       NNOKWA.

            St. Mary’s Parish, Nnokwa.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Vincent EZENWAKA {2007/2010/11}


76.       NSUGBE.

            St. John the Baptist’s Parish, Nsugbe.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Francis NDUBUISI {2001/2014/15}


77.       NSUGBE

            St. Joseph’s Independent Station.

            Administrator: Fr. Jude OBIDIGBO {2001/2014/15}

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