Parishes in Alphabetical Order

Parishes: AT-NA

26.       ATANI.

            St. Joseph the Worker’s Parish, Atani.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Michael OZODIGWE {1983/2011/12}


27.       AWKA ETITI.

            St. Joseph’s Parish, PO Box 66, Awka Etiti.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Damian OBI {2006/2014/15}

            In Residence: Fr. Peter ANENE {2008/2011/12}

            In Residence: Fr. Samuel CHUKWUJEKWU {1998/2015/16}


28.       AWKA ETITI.

            Holy Family Parish, Awka Etiti.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Augustine EZEANYA {1990/2009/10}


29.       AWKA ETITI

            St Ann’s Parish, Awka-Etiti

            Parish Priest: Fr. Samuel UZONDU{2009/2012/13}


30.       AWKUZU

            St. Raphael’s Parish, Awkuzu.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Godwin OYEKWE {1996/2015/16}


31.      AWKUZU

           St. Patrick’s Parish, Awkuzu.

           Parish Priest: Fr. Paschal ONUSELOGU {2001/2012/13}


32.      AWKUZU.

           St. Catherine’s Parish, Awkuzu.

           Parish Priest: Fr. Fredrick NDIMAEME {1994/2011/12}


33.       AWKUZU

            St. Michael’s Parish Ivite Awkuzu

            Parish Priest: Fr. Martin EMELI {1990/2012/13}


34.       AWKUZU

            St. Peter’s Parish Umudioka Awkuzu

            Parish Priest:  Fr. Joachin IGWE {2008/2012/13}



            Holy Trinity Parish, Ega-Oja {Olumbanasa}

            Parish Priest: Fr. Francis IZUAKOR {2011/2014/15}


          St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Ega-Oja {Olumbanasa}

          Parish Priest: Fr. Jude Francis ORUCHE {2013/2015/16}


37.       EZIOWELLE          

            St. Edward’s Parish, Eziowelle.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Alexander Ojo ANOSIKE{1993/2013/14}


38.       IDEANI

            St. Paul’s Parish, Ideani.

             Parish Priest: Fr. Joseph NNALUE {2008/2015/16}


39.       IFITE-OGWARI

           St. Anthony’s Parish, Ifite-Ogwari.

           Parish Priest:  Chukwueloka NWACHUKWU {2009/2012/13}

           In Residence: Fr. Nobert CHILOBE {2002/2012/13}


40.      IGBAKWU

           St Mary’s Parish, Igbakwu.

           Parish Priest: Fr. Jude NWORAH {2013/2015/16}


41.       IGBARIAM

            St. Anthony’s Parish, Igbariam.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Josephat NZEKWESI {1986/2012/13}

42.       IGBARIAM

            Holy Trinity Parish, Farm Settlement, Igbariam.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Patrick BOSAH {2008/2011/12}



           St. Gregory’s Parish, Iyiowa-Odekpe.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Emmanuel EGWUOBA {1994/2012/13}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Pius NWEKE {1981/2009/10}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Anthony EZEPUE {2013/2013/14}



            St. Mary’s Independent Station.

            Administrator: Fr. Febian OZOKACHI {2013/2015/16}



            Madonna Parish, Iyiowa Odekpe

            Parish Priest: Fr. Hyginus NWANDU {2000/2012/13}

            Parish Vicar: Chukwuemeka OKAFOR M Ss Cc (2014/15)


46.       INNOMA

            St. Jude’s Parish Innoma

            Parish Priest: Fr. Charles EBELE {2010/2015/16}        


47.       MBA FARM.

            St. Theresa’s Parish, Mba Farm.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Jude Boniface OBOSHI, BSS. {1989/1997}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Emmanuel NDUBISI, BSS

48.     MBA FARM 3-3

      St. Francis Chaplaincy

      Chaplain: Fr James OKAFOR OFM

      Assistant: Fr. Anthony ESSIEN OFM

        Assistant: Fr Nicholas OSHOMAH OFM

       Assistant: Fr. Fidelis AKPORS OFM

      Assistant: Fr. Michael ABOGUNRINE OFM


49.       NANDO

            St. Joan of Arc’s Parish, Nando.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Francis OKAFOR {2010/2014/15}


50.       NANDO

            St. Jude’s Parish, Nando.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Matthew OBIEKEZIE {1985/2015/16}


51.       NANDO

            St. Francis Parish, Nando.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Anselm CHIDUME (2007/2015/16)

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