Parishes in Alphabetical Order

Parishes: AB - AN

01.       ABACHA.

            St. Michael’s Parish, Abacha.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Michael MACHI {1997/2008}

02.       ABATETE.

            Most Holy Name of Mary’s Parish, Abatete

            Parish Priest: Fr. Ignatius OKEKE {1997/2012/13}

            In Residence: Fr. Celestine MBAEGBU {1983/2012/13}


03.       ABATETE.

            St. Martin of Tours’ Parish

            Parish Priest: Fr. Paul NWANKWO {1995/2015/16}


04.       ABATETE.

            St. Dominic’s Parish

            Parish Priest: Fr. John MANAFA {2005/2014/15}


05.       ABATETE.

            St. Joseph’s Parish

            Parish Priest: Fr. Benjamin IKEJI. {1983/2015/16}


06.       ABATETE

            Christ the King Parish

            Parish Priest:   Fr. Joseph NWANKWO {2007/2014/15}

            In Residence: Fr. Peter NWADIMKPA {1998/2015/16}


  07.     AGULERI.

            St. Joseph’s Parish, P.O Box 54, Aguleri.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Christopher ODINA {1986/2011/12}

            Parish Vicar:  Fr. Micheal ANYICHIE {2011/2014/2015}

             {Manager BLessed Tansi Sec. Schl Aguleri}

            In Residence: Fr. Izu Anthony OKOYE {2012/2014/15}

             {Manager, St. Joseph Sec. School, Aguleri}


08        AGULERI.

            St. Francis Parish, Ivite Aguleri.

            Parish Priest: Fr. George EKWUNIFE {1988/2015/16}


09        AGULERI

            St. Mary’s Parish, Ugwunadegbe Aguleri

            Parish Priest: Fr. Christopher ODIMEGWU {2004/2014/15}


10.       AGULERI-OTU.

            St. Paul’s Parish, Aguleri-Otu.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Paschal UZZIH {2011/2014/15}


11        AGULERI-OTU

            St. Mary’s Independent Station, Eziagulu-otu

            Admin: Fr. Benedict UDEOGWU (2007/2012/13)


12.       AKWU-UKWU.

            St. John the Baptist’s Parish, Akwu-Ukwu.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Michael OKOYE {1974/2015/16}


13.       AKILI OZIZOR

            St. Theresa’s Parish, Akili Ozizor

            Parish Priest: Fr. Felix EZEONU {2009/2012/13}


14.       ALOR.

            St. Mary’s Parish, P.O. Box 10, Alor. 

            Parish Priest: Fr. Martin ONUKWUBA {1998/2014/15}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Michael CHIKA       (2011/2014/15)

            In Residence: Fr. Matthias OKPALA {1984/2004}


15.        ALOR.

            St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Alor

             Parish Priest: Fr. Cyril EZE {1993/2012/13}


16.       ANAKU.

            St. Joseph’s Parish, Anaku.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Raphael ODIKE {1994/2015/16}


17.       ANAM

            Our Lady of Lourdes’ Parish,  Mmiata-Anam.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Matthew NDIBE {2008/2013/14}


18.       ANAM

            St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Independent Station, Mmiata Anam

            Administrator: Fr. Matthew NDIBE {2008/2013/14}


19        ANAM

            Holy Cross’ Parish, Oroma Etiti-Anam.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Charles OKEKE-ODOGWU {2012/2015/16}


20.       ANAM.

            St. Mary’s Parish, Umudora-Anam.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Peter OKONGWU {2010/2013/14}


21.       ANAM

             Holy Trinity, Umuenwelum

             Parish Priest: Fr. Charles OBI {2013/2015/16}


22.       ANAM

           Ss. Peter and Paul, Umuenwelum Independent Station

           Administrator: Fr. Charles OBI {2013/2015/16}


23.       ANAM

            St. Theresa’s Parish, Umueze-Anam.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Eliseus N. UMEAKUANA,OCD {/2015/16}

             Parish Vicar: Fr. Christian C. ODO, OCD {/2015/16}


24.       ANAM

           St. Augustine’s Parish, Umuoba-Anam.

            Parish Priest: Fr. Peter OKOLO {1987/2014/15}


25.       ANUMUDU.

            St. Raphael the Archangel’s Parish, Anumudu.

            Parish Priest: Fr. John EZEORUONYE {2002/2011/12}

            Parish Vicar: Fr. Anthony ONWUGBENU {2013/2015/16}

             {Manager, St, Raphael Schl.}

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-- " To those who suffer, God does not provide arguments which explain everything; rather, his response is that of an accompanying presence, a history of goodness which touches every story of suffering and opens up a ray of light." (Pope Francis "Lumen Fidei,").

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He is the first person in West Africa and the first African Priest to be beatified. Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi is from Aguleri in our Archdiocese.

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