01.       Vicar General:

   Most Rev. Denis ISIZOH.


02.       Chancellor & Secretary to the Archdiocese:

            Fr. Prudentus Emeka AROH


03.       Vice-Chancellor & Coordinator, Health Services:

            Fr. Basil EKWUNIFE.


04.       College of Consultors:

            (i) Archbishop Valerian M. OKEKE

            (ii)Vicar General: Most Rev. Denis ISIZOH

            (iii) Chancellor: Fr. Prudentus AROH

            (iv) Vice Chancellor: Fr. Basil EKWUNIFE

            (v) All the Six Episcopal Vicars

            (vi) Rector of the Basilica

            (vii)  Msgr. N. C. OBIAGBA


05.       Presbyteral Council Members:

            Archbishop Valerian M. OKEKE

            Most Rev. Denis ISIZOH

            Fr. Prudentus AROH

            Fr. Basil EKWUNIFE

            Fr. Patrick OMUTAH

    Fr. Christopher ODINA

    Fr. Emmanuel EGWUOBA

    Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE

    Fr. John ANOSIKE

    Fr. Vincent ONUCHUKWU

           Fr. Nicholas A. AKWANYA

           Fr. Jude Boniface OBOSHI, BSS.

           Fr. Hilary ANISIOBI

           Fr. Kieran UDEGBOKA

          Fr. Patrick NDULUE

          Fr. Godwin OKOLO

          Fr. Peter OBIDI

  Fr. Celestine UMEH

  Fr. Celestine ANIOFOR


  Fr. Alexander OBIORAH


06.       Episcopal Vicars for the Six Episcopal Regions:

      (a) Onitsha Episcopal Region:

              Fr. Patrick OMUTAH 

       (c) Aguleri Episcopal Region:

              Fr. Christopher ODINA

      (d) Iyiowa-Odekpe Episcopal Region:

              Fr. Emmanuel EGWUOBA.

     (e) Dunukofia Episcopal Region:

             Fr. Theophilus ODUKWE

     (b) Nnobi Episcopal Region:

            Fr. John ANOSIKE

      (f) Igbariam Episcopal Region:

            Fr. Vincent ONUCHUKWU


07.       Episcopal Vicar for Civil Servants:

            Fr. Nicholas A. AKWANYA

08.       Episcopal Vicar for the Religious:

            Fr. Jude Boniface OBOSHI, BSS.


09.      Episcopal Vicar, Onitsha Archdiocesan Priests in U.S.A. and Canada:

            Fr. Patrick Chudi OKAFOR

            Episcopal Vicar, Onitsha Archdiocesan Priests in Europe:

            Fr. Francis UNEGBU


10.       Secretary to the Archbishop of Onitsha:

            Fr. Evaristus OKAA-ONWUOGU


11.       Assistant Secretary to the Archbishop of Onitsha:

            Fr. Collins OGBOO


12.      Secretary to the Auxiliary Bishop

            Fr. Oliver EZEANI


13.      Assistant Secretary to the Auxiliary Bishop

          Fr. Innocent UDEOLISA


14.       Assistant Health Services Coordinator:

            Fr. Marius OBIAGWU

15.       Archdiocesan Pharmacist:

            Fr. Kevin EZENNA.


16.       Managers, Onitsha Archdiocesan Hospitals:

            Fr. Izunna OKONKWO

            Fr. Francis OJUKWU

            Fr. Peter ANENE


17.       Confidential Secretaries to the Archbishop

            Sir Samuel OBIDILE, KSS.

            Br. Goodnews IWUOHA, BSS


18.        Adviser to the Archbishop on Political and Economic matters:

            Dr. Obiora Okonkwo


19.       (a) Executive Officer:

             Mr. Joseph ASOGWA

    (b) General Office:

     Mrs. Juliana EZUGWU.

     Miss Chibuzo CHUKWUDOLUE.

    (c) Immigration Department:

     Mr. Raphael NWAFOR

    (d) Confidential Secretary {Chancery}

      Chinwe ONYEJEAKA


20.       Financial Administrative Office:

            (a) Financial Administrator:

                  Fr. Philip IBENEME

             (b) Accountant/Auditor:

                 Fr. Remigius IKECHE

21.       Onitsha Inter-Diocesan Marriage Tribunal/ Canon Law Office:

              Fr. Joseph NWAKOBY {Judicial Vicar}

Fr. Titus NNABUGWU, Member.

Fr. Evaristus OGBUAGU, Member

               Fr. Jonas Benson OKOYE, Member

            Fr. Emmanuel NWABUDE, Member

            Fr. Anthony CHIEGBOKA, Member

            Fr. Aloysius ENEMALI, Member

            Fr. Clement AGHADINUNO, Member

            Fr. Michael AGUNA, Member

            Fr. Calistus AKORAH, Member

    Sr. Miriam Perpetua EGBUNA, IHM, Member

   Sr. Mary Jane ARIRIGUZO, IHM , Member



22.       Notaries

      Fr. Linus EZEDINACHI

      Fr. Joseph UMEASIEGBU



Quote for the month

-- " To those who suffer, God does not provide arguments which explain everything; rather, his response is that of an accompanying presence, a history of goodness which touches every story of suffering and opens up a ray of light." (Pope Francis "Lumen Fidei,").

Masses @ The Basilica of Most Holy Trinity

Sunday, 5:15am, 7:00am, 8:30am, 10:30am & 6:15pm

Other masses outside the Basilica Church, 5:30am, 6:00am, 7:15am, 8:45am & 9:00am

Monday-Saturday, 5:15am, 6:00am & 6:15pm

Thursday, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 6:15pm

Saturday Evening, 5:30pm (mass with Vespers 1 of Sunday)

About Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi

He is the first person in West Africa and the first African Priest to be beatified. Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi is from Aguleri in our Archdiocese.

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